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What Makes Us Different

You will not have a dedicated virtual assistant!


Let’s face it! There’s no one in this world that possess all the marketing, sales, design, and admin skills we need. That’s why we have more than one virtual assistant who will be assigned to your project.


We have writers, researchers, transcribers, data entry specialists, etc. who will be assigned to the tasks that are in-line with their skill set.

You communicate directly to me (owner) and my other two project managers.


We never allow our virtual assistants to communicate with our clients. This is to avoid incorrect information and improper execution of tasks.


All the updates and reports will be coming from me and my project managers via Skype and email. Everything will be tracked and monitored.


We make it easy for you to contact us. We use Skype and email for client communication.

You Save More!


Employees don’t really work eight hours a day. If you use our service, you don’t need to pay extra hours spent on lunch and breaks. You only pay for the hours spent working on your tasks.


No extra office space or equipment costs. No need for daily monitoring and supervision. No employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits to buy.

You are updated daily. We provide daily reports and updates via email and Asana.com.


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VA Services

  • Social Media Management
  • Data Entry and Research
  • Transcription
  • Google Docs
  • Document Formatting
  • Online Forms Creation
  • Wordpress On-Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Basic Video and Audio Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Mining & Development
  • Lead Generation